Thursday, December 2, 2010

Communications, Marketing, PR, & Research Expert

Jesse C. Cohoon
1206 Schriber Joliet, IL 60435 (815) 729 – 9441

Marketing, PR & Research Expert


To increase shareholder value by increasing company awareness through Communications  Marketing, PR, & Research which is second to none.


Eight years experience in the Research, Marketing & PR field, analyzing businesses, giving expert guidance, with a unique perspective; developing, implementing, and reevaluating, and procedures for methods of improving efficiency processes, as well as saving both time and money.

Career Driver

Inspiring and leading companies to develop money saving methodologies through the use of PR & Marketing Methodologies, research, contacts, technology, and unique perspectives

Special Skills 

My Experience has honed the following:
  • Execution – regularly delivering to fixed time schedule against all odds through use of traditional and non-traditional methods
  • Creation – business plans, PowerPoint presentations, logos, brochures, business cards, prospectuses, reports, websites, rapid prototyping, etc.
  • Expressive clarity – strategic development plans.
  • Budget maximization – for effective use of finite resources.
  • Strategic Alliances – use of contacts.
  • Technology – Web 2.0, an other cutting -edge technologies 
  • Project Management – evaluate programs , initiate projects, and execute strategies
  • Experimentation – relentless probing for novel solutions and approaches

    Employment History

    Franceschi Development & Investment        PR & Marketing Research         10/2002 – Present

    Franceschi Development & Investment is a Business Development Company. Among the industries that it specializes in are:
    • Not-for-profit-Sector Program Based Housing & Nonprofits / Health Care   –  focusing on Veterans, the homeless, high functioning AIDS/ HIV clients, the mentally ill, corrections, courts, probation, and self- pay. Services include comprehensive case Management/ Advocacy, Medical & Mental health-care referrals, Alcohol and substance abuse counseling, Referrals to Detox and treatment, and 12 step meetings, Recovery coaching, HIV/ AIDS/ STD awareness and prevention, and parenting, life-skills and job training
    • Real Estate & Property Management – focusing on affordable housing, property maintenance &  management, as well as "flipping" properties when the market is favorable to do so.
    • Moving, Trucking, & Logistics –  focusing on moving for companies such as Mayflower, United Van Lines, US Customs, The Gap, Target, and AMS, amongst others to provide excellent  services, as well as moving and labor services for private citizens.
    • Labor  –  focusing on cubicle installation and general labor. Future plans include cleaning franchises
    • Restaurant (Catering) & Food Manufacturing  –  focusing on catering for construction sites, special events, and manufacturing authentic salsas and organic/ all natural fruit waters. Future plans include buying franchises 
      Roles Filled
      • Administrative/ Executive Assistant to the CEO
      • Graphic Artist/ Web Designer/ Technical Writer
      • Editor/ Copywriter
      • Grant Writer
      • Human Resources Specialist 
      • Marketing/ PR/ Communications
      • Research & Development
      • Technical Writing

      Franceschi Development & Investment Companies

      The Transitional Housing Group 2 (Non-for-Profit Housing Sector)
      • Critically important team member which created an affordable, multi-dimensional, modular housing program which services the needs of diverse populations such as the indigent, veterans, and HIV/AIDS individuals
      • Developed website, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, Business Plans, & other marketing materials 
      • Assisted with the identification of the various housing products that will be offered through both the direct marketing to treatment providers, end user, corrections and 12 step meeting houses, Aids & Veteran’s organizations.
      • Cut marketing budget by $2.5 million while still exceeding company goals.ring homelessEstablished sponsorships in specific markets with established treatment providers already utilizing company such as ours for training who are assisting TTHG2 with obtaining the necessary client referrals for TTHG2.
      • Discovered systems for track both client progress and company wide progress. These discoveries saved the company well over $500,000 and a year’s worth of work.
      • Developed programs to train people how to effectively seek employment opportunities.
      • Serves as the liaison to the governor’s appointed Community Support and Advisory Councils (CSAC) board.  Assisted in planning various public and private events  for prisoner re-entry
      • Informed press & politicians about our programs & services.
      • Contributed to the development of job training, and programs which distributed food and clothing as well as shelter   
      • Ten locations for clients, mostly on the south side of Chicago. Presently looking into locations on north and west sides of the city.
      • Future Plans
        • Our Goal for housing is 600 clients within the next 24 months.
        • Development of job training, life skills programs

      Change Foundation (Nonprofit)
      Need Foundation (Nonprofit)
      Sierra & Lillian Foundation (Nonprofit)
      Sapphire Building Management (Real Estate/ Property Management)
      Franceschi Corporate Transport Inc/ Chicago Corporate Transport Inc (Moving, Trucking, & Logistics)
      USA Installer of Illinois (Labor)
      ULS - Union Labor Services (Labor)
      Claudia's Catering & Mfg (Restaurant (Catering) & Food Manufacturing)

      “Jesse is the best researcher I’ve ever had. Many times when he is presented with a problem, he thinks about it for awhile, suggests the perfect solution, & then makes it happen. Throughout the entire time working here, he has been able to perform these types of miracles time & time again.”

      William Franceschi,
      President, Franceschi Development & Investments

      Messiah Lutheran Church                  Volunteer                                6/2001 – Present

      “Jesse worked directly with Messiah Lutheran Church’s Stewardship Committee, converting the information provided by them into a PowerPoint presentation which resulted in increased revenue for the church by 15%.”  
      Doug Potts, Stewardship Committee 2007- 2008

      “Jesse has become an in-valuable asset in the office by getting the church ready for service, as well as preparing booklets, mailings, & bulletins for distribution. We are truly blessed by his graphic art talents and eye for detail.” 
      Jeanette Wegemer, Office Manager, Messiah Lutheran Church

      H&R Block                            Seasonal Tax Preparer                          11/2008  2/2008      
      Improving Health Care Information Systems for Access Community Health Network Inter-Professional Project (IPRO)    School Project    8/2004 - 12/2004         

      Saved Access Community Health Network a minimum of $11,088,000, excluding staff savings costs, which increased their ability to treat patients, while improving efficiency by at least 50%

      Tech News Inter Professional Project (IPRO) School Project   1/2004 - 4/2004 
      Focused TechNews' distribution, popularity, and design through the use of surveys, the content of which I designed myself.

      Jewel/Osco      Maintenance/ Packing Specialist           05/1999 – 08/2002

      • Picked up trash throughout the store, replace trash can liners, wash windows, sweep and mop floors, cleaned common areas, spot paint where needed, clean and store walk off mats when necessary, vacuumed carpeted areas regularly.
      • Changed burnt out light bulbs.
      • Cleaned restrooms daily including all fixtures, walls, partitions, floors, vents and mirrors. Also replenished all restroom supplies.
      • Addressed all spills and hazardous conditions immediately, including wet floors, spills of all types, dangerous overstocks and any other unsafe condition.
      • Washed windows and doors, sidewalks and truck bays swept and hosed down, batons washed/painted, debris picked up at all times.
      • Retrieved shopping carts from the parking lot and inside the store, then store in their proper location.
      • Responsible for the proper inventorying, storage, preparation of order list and organization of all maintenance supplies.
      • Performed related duties and responsibilities as required.

      Sidex                                                       Sales Associate                   10/1997 – 10/1998

      Sold Siding, Windows, Roofing, Fascia and related products 
      • Ensured that each customer receives outstanding service by providing a friendly environment, which includes greeting and acknowledging every customer, maintaining solid product knowledge and all other aspects of customer service.
      • Maintained an awareness of all promotions and advertisements.
      • Assisted in floor moves, merchandising, display maintenance, and housekeeping

      Product Expertise 
      ·  MS Excel  ·  MS PowerPoint  ·  MSWord  ·  MS Outlook · MS Project
      · MS Access · Adobe Photoshop · Adobe DreamWeaver · HTML · XML ·CSS
      · Familiar with C++, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Strata, QuickBooks, SAS, SPSS, Adobe Creative Suite

      Educational History
      B.S Professional & Technical Communications, Minor Psychology 2004 G.P.A.3.5/4.0

      CIC Multi-Unit Building Management Course 2009

      • Recycling/ Energy Conservation 
      • Dungeons & Dragons
      Articles Written